Experience the Arts at FIGMENT Boston

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Photo by Jim Glaser

For the fifth year in a row, FIGMENT Boston will once again shine a spotlight on Boston’s arts scene. Calling itself an “explosion of creative energy,” FIGMENT is sure to entertain those looking to get in touch with the area’s local creative community.

Founded in 2007 in New York City, FIGMENT aims to spread enjoyment and appreciation for the arts through engaging, participatory art projects within the community. After the first festival, more FIGMENT events began to spread throughout the country in cities like Detroit, San Diego, Chicago and of course Boston.

Personally, I love that FIGMENT highlights some of the more overlooked artists in the area. Sure, plenty of people visit the Museum of Fine Arts or catch a show in Boston’s theater district, but nothing beats experiencing a thriving arts community firsthand. And with the number of talented creators and performers in Boston, this year’s FIGMENT festival is sure to have something for everyone.

Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to FIGMENT Boston, and what you can expect at this year’s festival!

What is FIGMENT?

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