Cambridge Events – July 18 to July 20

events in Cambridge

Looking to check out MIT’s sailing pavilion this weekend? We have the event for you! Photo by Steve Richardson

I may be on vacation over here in Santa Barbara, but have no fear–I’ll still be bringing you the hippest and hottest events in and around Cambridge this weekend! We have art, film, music, and alcohol to spice up your weekend out on the town.

Hope you’re all ready!

Friday, July 18


1 Davis Square, 6:00 p.m.
Free Admission

I’m a huge advocate for art-based events–there’s nothing cooler than looking at an awesome painting and realizing that you live 3 doors down and share a Dunkin location with the artist.

Artbeat is an annual event that is always centered around a specific theme. Local artists are challenged to create a piece or a collection around that theme, and display it at the opening each summer.

This year’s theme is, “Hatch!” Run on down to Davis Square and see what everyone came up with.

Movie Night at Workbar

45 Prospect, Cambridge
$25 Entrance Fee

Zombie movies are more than just gore–they have intricacies and thematic elements worth discussing with fellow movie buffs. And guess what? There’s an event in Cambridge for that.

Kick back with some drinks, some food, and some Night of the Living Dead at Workbar in Cambridge this weekend!

Workbar has put together a list of Cambridge’s best and most creative chefs to bring you some awesome new takes on classic cinematic snacks (save me some Milk Duds!).

Inventions: 2014 Student Showcase

265 Mass. Ave., MIT
$5-$10 Admission Fee

What’s the point of visiting MIT if you don’t get to see all of the students’ ideas come to fruition?

Well, now you can.

MIT will be showcasing all of their students’ most amazing inventions all the way to December 31st (though I don’t know why you’d be cruising MIT on New Years’ Eve). Some of the most interesting inventions are the ones that you’ll hopefully be seeing in your everyday life sometime soon–including a robotic arm that you can control with muscle movements.

I probably don’t need to say this, but keep up the good work, MIT!


Saturday, July 19

Gatsby’s Summer Party

1950 Mass. Ave., Cambridge
$20 Admission Fee

This might only sound exciting to me because I’m a huge literary buff, but how do you not go to Gatsby’s summer party? It promises to be everything that the bars are not. And how could you beat a party that’s trying to imitate this?

There will be a full-course dinner, drinks, champagne, and dancing–all for $20!

The only catch–you have to wear full Gatsby attire (or at least it’s recommended). But is that really a catch?

Second Annual Party for Charity

134 Memorial Drive, Cambridge
MIT Sailing Pavilion
$40 Admission Fee

Feel good about your Saturday day-drinking this weekend at MIT’s Sailing Pavilion.

With an open bar, cornhole, a gorgeous view of the waterfront, and proceeds going to benefit Boston’s homeless population, this event in Cambridge has everything.

Each year, MIT plans to host an event benefiting Work’s Mission, a Boston-based charity that works to break the cycle of poverty in families by providing goods and services that those families wouldn’t have access to otherwise.


Sunday, July 20

Weekend Wakeup Outdoor Parkour Class

81 Highland Ave., Somerville
$8 Admission Fee

Work off last night’s drinks with some hardcore parkour in Somerville. No worries if you’ve never done it–the fee covers basic instructions, some conditioning, and some actual parkour work.

When you’re done, be sure to check out some of the awesome restaurants around Somerville!

Photowalks North End Tour

Hanover St., Boston
$40 Admission

The North End is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Boston, and Hanover Street is especially picturesque. Home to Mike’s Pastry (which now has a location in Cambridge) as well as some of the best Italian food you’ll ever have, it’s tough to not have a good time there.

Follow a guided tour through the neighborhood and see it through an entirely different lens–literally. Your tour guide will help you achieve the best shots possible, and you’ll leave with a full belly and a head stuffed with memories.

I hope you all have a great weekend at these events in Cambridge while I’m gone!

– Katie Smith
Contributing Writer