Watch the World Cup in Cambridge!

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The World Cup is one of the most widely viewed sporting event in the world. That’s right, this little soccer tournament is arguably more popular than the Olympics.

But unfortunately, we can’t all fly down to Brazil and catch the 2014 tournament. What’s a soccer fan to do? Sit at home, alone, and watch every game? I think not. No, a true soccer fan is one that bursts out the front door in full team regalia, ready to pick a fight with anyone who challenges his or her superiority.

Or maybe a true fan is someone who just wants to enjoy a match in the company of others. In any event, if you’re looking to enjoy the World Cup in Cambridge, you have a number of options to choose from.

These spots are sure to please World Cup aficionados and new soccer fans alike!

(Have World Cup fever? Check out the history of the tournament! You can also support the US team by wearing a jersey.)

phoenix landing cambridge, ma

Photo courtesy of The Phoenix Landing

The Phoenix Landing

512 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Located in Central Square, The Phoenix Landing has become a neighborhood mainstay for soccer fans. The bar is known for attracting groups of English soccer fans, and during the regular English Premier League season plays host to the official Liverpool Supporters’ Club.

Billed as “the Alternative Irish Bar,” Phoenix Landing mixes the atmosphere of an Irish pub with that of a modern sports bar. This traditional vibe with a modern twist makes it the perfect place for new soccer fans to mix with seasoned World Cup vets.

Their menu features bar favorites like chili, chicken wings, and a variety of burgers all exceptionally prepared. They also offer a sizable brunch menu on the weekends, perfect for those early afternoon soccer matches.

During World Cup season, the Phoenix Landing airs every U.S. and non-U.S. game. That’s right, you can watch every single World Cup game at this bar. And with over 12 screens inside, you’re sure to get a good angle on the game.

One piece of advice to those of you heading to The Phoenix Landing – make sure to show up early! The bar is known to fill-up fast, so soccer fans might want to consider arriving a couple hours before the game. I know it’s a big time commitment, but you won’t mind once you grab a pint of Guinness and start singing the traditional soccer chants that fill the bar.

muqueca restaurant cambridge, ma

Photo courtesy of Muqueca Restaurant

Muqueca Restaurant

1008 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02141

In case you forgot, Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup. So, why not enjoy some Brazilian food with your soccer?

Fans looking for something a bit different should check out Muqueca Restaurant in Inman Square! Their laid-back atmosphere and Brazilian menu make Muqueca a great alternative to the typical bar scene.

The restaurant specializes in “moqueca,” the traditional seafood stew of northeastern Brazil. Muqueca is firmly committed to authentic Brazilian cuisine, and all their dishes are prepared in traditional Brazilian clay pots. The restaurant also offers a wide variety of wine, beer, and sangria.

It should be no surprise that Muqueca caters to Brazil fans, but that shouldn’t deter supporters of the U.S. team.  The restaurant will host a number of World Cup matches throughout the tournament. And considering they offer some of the best Brazilian food in the Cambridge/Boston area, you’ll be happy you stopped by.

Tommy Doyle's cambridge, ma

Photo courtesy of Tommy Doyle’s

Tommy Doyle’s

1 Kendall Square, #100
Cambridge, MA 02139

Tommy Doyle’s offers a more traditional Irish pub experience for soccer fans in the Kendall Square area.

This pub’s menu offers classic favorites like corned beef & cabbage, Shepherd’s pie, and fish ‘n chips with a number of other hearty options sure to please hungry soccer fans.

While their food might seem like standard pub fare, the bar offers 17 draft lines and a wide variety of craft beers perfect for quenching your thirst while rooting for your favorite team.

This pub also offers outdoor seating if you want to catch a break from watching a match at the bar.

hit wicket cambridge, ma

Photo courtesy of Hit Wicket

Hit Wicket

1172 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Opened in Inman Square in 2013, Hit Wicket is America’s first Cricket-themed sports bar.

The bar’s dedication to sports is obvious, and while they have a particular love for cricket, they also highlight American favorites like baseball and hockey, and, of course, the World Cup.

Hit Wicket’s eclectic menu offers dishes from around the world. Patrons can sample Jamaican style jerk chicken wings, Australian meat pies, and English bangers and mash. Soccer fans can be sure to find a dish from their favorite team’s home country.

The bar also features international options with a variety of beers from all over the globe.

Hit Wicket boasts a number of screens around their bar, with ample space for local fans to gather and enjoy a match.

Fans can catch all of the U.S. team’s matches as well as a number of other teams at Hit Wicket throughout the World Cup tournament.

Be sure to check out Hit Wicket on Twitter (@HitWicketBar) for updates on their viewing schedule!

Options for every World Cup fan

With so many options, there’s no doubt that every soccer fan will find somewhere to watch the World Cup in Cambridge. And if you’re not already a fan, you might be after heading out to one of these restaurants.

Now it’s time to throw on that soccer jersey, put on your war paint and support your team!

 – Matt Kranis
Contributing Writer