Mike’s Pastry in Harvard Square!

mike's pastry

Mike’s Pastry. Photo by Jenny Rotten

I’m on the bus. It doesn’t matter where I’m going: Allston, Harvard SquareCentral. I’m out and about, and that’s when I see it, tucked away in the hands of a woman with a Red Sox shirt. It’s small, it’s white, it’s a cardboard box and it’s iconic. It’s the carry-out box from Mike’s Pastry.

What is Mike’s Pastry?

If you want to make your own cannoli, click here for great recipes.

If you’ve ever spent an extended period of time in the Greater Boston area, you’ve heard about Mike’s Pastry. It’s a delicious brownstone bakery in Boston’s Italian North End and oh, yeah, it’s famous for its cannoli.

Mike’s Pastry opened in 1946 at the turn of the century. It was founded by two local bakers named Annette and Mike Mercogliano who wanted to share their family’s recipes.

Today, Mike’s Pastry is still operated by the same family, including Joseph Papa, Mike’s stepson.

To celebrate Mike’s legacy, the Mercogliano family is opening a new location in Harvard Square, and we have all of the details here!

mike's pastry cannoli

Learn how to make your own famous cannoli by clicking here! Photo by Axs Denny



Where is Mike’s Pastry in Cambridge?

mike's pastry

Strawberry cheesecake. Photo by Axs Deny

Mike’s Pastry will be located in a state-of-the-art facility in Harvard Square. Its address is 11 Dunster St., where the old Topaz jewelry store was.

The location is near other Cambridge restaurants such as Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, and vegetarian favorite Clover Food Lab. 

This is no small-scale restaurant. Mike’s Pastry in Harvard Square will occupy a 40,000-square-foot venue, perfect for displaying the pastries in their signature glass case, as well as and providing adequate seating (missing from the North End location!) to all hungry fans.

When is Mike’s Pastry opening?

Mike's Pastry cupcakes

Photo courtesy of Mike’s

As of May 2014, Mike’s Pastry is opening soon, soon, soon. Unfortunately, closer details are under carefully-lined cake and cupcake wrapper wraps.

The shop was approved with a permit on February 4, so it is likely that it will be opening sometime in the coming months. Visitors who walk by the location now are greeted by signs reading “Coming soon!”

Rest assured, opening day will be one to remember, and I hope to be there for some sweets.

Take a closer look inside Mike’s Pastry

Can’t get enough of Mike’s? Watch the video below for an inside look at Mike’s Pastry. Be warned, though. It will make you hungry.

– Erinn Pascal