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Marshmallow Boston Common Dog & Blog

The Boston Common Dog Park is great. I’m Marshmallow, your furry tour guide.

Last Wednesday I was in for a big treat. My owner put me in a carrier and said I’d be going on an adventure.

Marshmallow Boston Common Dog & Blog

The carrier wasn’t my favorite thing, but it was a necessary evil. Get your own here.

I thought she was going to roll the window down on the highway (finally), or that she was going to take me to the beach, or that she was going to walk me in the park (my favorite).

What I never thought was that we’d be moving to Boston.

My name is Marshmallow, and I’m a Florida dog. I’ve been a Florida dog for fourteen years. But when we got to Massachusetts, I realized maybe, just maybe I can be a Massachusetts dog, too.

Why did we move to Boston?

My owner Erinn moved me to Boston because I missed her too much when she went to school.

I was nervous at first—we traveled in this car that went in the sky! But we’re on the ground now and I like smelling things. The grass smells sweeter here.

What we did on my first day in Boston, Massachusetts

Marshmallow Boston Common Dog & Blog

I’m the writer behind Dog & Blog

On my first day in Boston, Erinn and her friends my new friends took me to the Boston Common.

She asked me if I would be interested in reviewing dog parks for I said I would love to! My dog-friendly reviews are what you will see here at Dog & Blog. They are dog tested, people approved.

Each week, I will be reviewing one dog park (or place for dogs) in Boston or Cambridge.

Why not join for the ride? Check back every Monday to see what I’ve been up to.

My name is Marshmallow. I am a dog. This is my blog.

Boston Common Dog Park Overview

The Boston Common is located in downtown Boston. It was built in 1634 and it’s the oldest park in the United States (2,660 in dog years).

The Boston Common is a huge part of American history. It was used by the British as a base for the Revolutionary War. It was used for public hangings until 1817. And now it’s home to one of the best dog parks I’ve ever been to.

Boston Common Dog and Blog

The great leash debate.

On-leash vs. Off-leash

Dogs are welcome at the Boston Common anywhere and everywhere. It’s a warm, summery space, with 50 acres of pure outdoor bliss.

There’s squirrels to chase, birds to run after, and lots and lots of people to pet me. All kinds of people visit the common: kids, adults, elderly. It truly is the heart of Boston and a beautiful part of the city.

Please, however, make sure your dog is well-trained before walking around the common. There are kids who will walk up to my species and pet us.

(Erinn tells me that dog owners need to pick up after their dogs, too. Sucks to be human. Be sanitary and get a scooper today.)

Dogs can be off-leash from 5 am to 10 am and 4 pm to 9 pm. This gives us more freedom to play.

Boston Common Dog Off-Leash Rules

There are a few simple rules that off-leash dogs need to obey once inside the off-leash park.

  1. First and foremost, be licensed. I don’t want to get sick because your dog wasn’t vaccinated. Keep Fido and Fluffy up-to-date with all shots and necessary requirements.
  2. Make sure your dog is well-behaved. If we’re going to be off-leash, humans don’t have as much control over us. Please make sure you aren’t unleashing a dog who likes to bite. I’m small.
  3. Have excellent voice control over your dog. We all get excited. We’re meeting new friends. If something goes awry, make sure you can control your canine.
Dog and Blog Boston Common

I made so many new friends.

Likes: What I like about the Boston Common Dog Park is that the exact location in the park changes every day. Rangers go in and test the grass to see where it’s safe for dogs, so we aren’t getting ourselves into trouble and we aren’t polluting the same patch of grass.

Dislikes: What I dislike about the Boston Common Dog Park is that there’s no fences. This is not an enclosed space, so I could get away if I wanted. Because I’m new to Boston, Erinn decided not to let me off-leash. Please choose responsibly for your own furry friend.

Advice: Please bring water for your dog. Carry water with you and pour it in a bowl for your canine. Erinn and I strongly recommend this portable water bowl. It pops up and makes travel easy. I have the blue one and we used it alllll day.

More to do with your dog in the Boston Common

Dog and Blog Boston Common

I like Italian Ice. And trash cans.

There’s a lot to do in the Boston Common aside from meeting other dogs and romping around.

For example, enjoy the street vendors and food trucks. I personally love when Clover is parked at Park Street—they have a chickpea fritter that I’m crazy about. There’s also stands for macadamia nuts, ice cream, and italian ice.

Additionally, you can always take a stroll in the Public Garden, adjacent to the Boston Common.

The Public Garden is a beautiful garden with trees and flowers that are sure to brighten your day. Be warned, though: dogs aren’t allowed to step in the grass, because we hope to preserve the beauty of the garden.

My favorite part is lounging by the water. There are swan boats and all kinds of fun things to look at (even real swans! Grrr.)

All in all, the Boston Common is a great place to take your dog. I know I had a fun day, and I’m sure your dog will, too. Please remember the rules, remember to take a bag, and remember to keep your furry friend hydrated. Until next time!

dog and blog boston common

Erinn took me sight-seeing in the Boston Common. It’s really, really old.

dog and blog boston common

Sarina and me. She is‘s Social Media Director. She pets me.


– Marshmallow the Bichon Frise
Dog & Blog Writer

PS: Thanks go out to my owner, Erinn, for transcribing my thoughts; Sarina, our Social Media Director, for holding the leash a lot; Melanie, our old Wedding Editor, for finding me shade; and Naomi and Ruby, Erinn’s and Sarina’s sorority sisters, for not feeding me french fries and giving me pats on the head. You all took me on a great tour of the Common!