Make Music Harvard Square

make music harvard square

Last year’s Make Music Harvard Square Festival, photo by Bill Manley

The Harvard Square Business Association is holding its seventh annual Make Music Harvard Square/Fete de la Musique music festival on Saturday, June 21st. Think of this as the most epic music festival you have been to with a French twist and a little Cambridge flavor.

The festival will feature artists from every single genre you can imagine, and the best part: it’s all free! Starting at 2pm, more than 70 musicians from across the country will be playing on 12 different stages located around Harvard Square.

Origins of Make Music Harvard Square

The Fete de la Musique, a street-music festival that began over 30 years ago in Paris, France, inspires the Cambridge version of the event. The first festival in 1982 was organized in a mere two weeks and was an instant success, due to the musical habits of the French.

The event, also known as the worldwide celebration of music, is an annual festival that has blossomed into a global phenomenon. The celebration will take place in over 300 cities in 103 countries this year, including London and Beijing.

It’s all about coming together in a public space to share a love and passion for music. Whether an amateur artist, or just a fan of sound, the festival celebrates all things music.

make music harvard square

Performers at the 2013 Make Music Harvard Square Festival, photo by Bill Manley

Make Music Harvard Square Lineup

Winthrop Park  (corner of JFK and Mount Streets)

2pm       Hayley Reardon

3pm       New Inca Son

4pm       Billy Deen and the Rebels

5pm       Mass Appeal

6pm       The D-Line

7pm       Sasha Papernik

8pm       Sultans of Sax

9pm       The Dan Searl Group

The Pit (By the Out of Town News Kiosk)

2pm       Keytar Bear

3pm       Mike Hastings Band

4pm       Miller’s English

5pm       A Cold Lonesome Nowhere

6pm       The New Englanders

7pm       PowerSlut

8pm       Newfane

9pm       The People’s Party

Harvard Book Store (1256 Massachusetts Avenue)

2pm       Jess Labus

3pm       Dugway

5pm       Nico Rivers

6pm       Walter Noons

7pm       Don Hammontree

8pm       Miriam Elhajli

9pm       Hadley Kennary

Brattle Plaza (In front of Crema Café – 27 Brattle Street)

2pm       Ryan Jackson Troika

3pm       The Life Electric

4pm       Parlour Bells

5pm       The Nate Leavitt Band

6pm       The Rationales

7:15pm Oldjack

9pm       Billy Wine

The Body Shop (1440 Massachusetts Avenue)

2pm       The Votices

3pm       Rob Carlson

4pm       What is Broken

5pm       Post Modern Authors

6pm       Back Talk

7pm       The Inebriations

8pm       Suitcase Acoustics

9pm       Wake Up Paradise

The Harvard COOP (1440 Massachusetts Avenue)

2pm       Marie Chabot

3pm       The Splinters

4pm       The Splinters

5pm       Walter Noons

6pm       Don Hammontree

7pm       Miriam Elhajli

8pm       Evan Miller

9pm       Los Border Coyotes

Finale Patio (30 Dunster Street)

2pm       New England Americana Festival Stage

Palmer Street

3pm       Trapped in Static

6pm       Bridget Curzi

7pm       Sunshine Riot

Dado Tea (50 Church Street)

2pm       Rich Eilbert

3pm       John Ferullo

4pm       Andrew O’Keefe

5pm       Nikhil Thakkar

6pm       Mei O’Hara

7pm       Jon Gaines

8pm       Cometa

9pm       Notoriety

Grafton Street Patio (1230 Massachusetts Avenue)

4pm       Dugway

5pm       Miriam Elhajli

6pm       Kate Diaz

7pm       Hadley Kennary

8pm       Patrick Coman

Legal Sea Foods Patio at the Charles Hotel (1 Bennett Street)

4pm       Trail Mix

Charlie’s Kitchen (10 Eliot Street)

2pm       Amy Kucharik

3pm       All Eyes on Me

4pm       Fable Grazer

5pm       Fort Point Ramblers

6pm       Amy Hoffman

9pm       Evan Miller

Make Music Harvard Square Location

Harvard Square is easily accessible by the MBTA Red Line, check out this map to learn more.

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– Alicia Lazzaro, Contributing Writer