Sweets, treats & Cambridge desserts

Zinneken's Cambridge

Photo courtesy of Zinneken’s

Satisfy your sweet tooth in Cambridge with delicious Cambridge desserts. From warm red velvet cupcakes to flaky croissants and hot, sugary waffles, America’s college town might as well be renamed America’s sugar overload.

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Pastries and Coffee in Cambridge

Pastries and coffee just go together. It’s the mixture of a pastry crunch with the smooth coffee texture for Cambridge desserts.

Cambridge Desserts LA Burdicks

Photo by Robyn Lee

LA Burdicks

52 Brattle Street
Harvard Square
(617) 491-4340

If you’re craving pastries, LA Burdicks is a great place to satisfy that kind of need.

The restaurant serves a variety of candies, pastries, chocolates, and coffee. It prides itself in serving fresh, gourmet chocolates year-round.

LA Burdicks is my go-to shop for their signature truffles and boxed candies. I highly recommend their macaroons, pictured to the left. Beautiful in presentation and delightful in taste, it’s no wonder LA Burdicks has been in the heart of Cambridge for decades.

Sweet Cupcake Cambridge MA

The “Karat” carrot cupcake. Photo by Steffany


Zero Brattle Street
Harvard Square
(617) 547-2253

I have a sweet spot for Sweet because I worked there in the summer of 2013. This cupcake shop is locally owned and locally managed. Cupcakes come out fresh every day from a local bakery. You can delight in a cupcake and share a pupcake for the dogs, too!

Sweet has a variety of flavors but I recommend the creamy Red Velvet. It’ll take you back to the South with the silky red velvet flavor and a creamy, lush cream cheese frosting. Sweet dots every Red Velvet cupcake with a chocolate flake. Talk about delicious!

I also recommend the Confetti cupcake. It is colorful on the inside because the master chefs have cut up a piece of white chocolate and dyed them different colors to represent sprinkles. It certainly gives a “kick” to funfetti cupcakes.

Ice Cream in Cambridge

What’s better in Cambridge’s summer months than ice cream? If you answered anything other than “nothing,” you’re wrong. Read on for more about Cambridge desserts.

Toscanini's Cambridge Desserts

Photo by Robyn Lee


889 Main Street
Central Square
(617) 491-5877

Toscanini’s is my personal go-to in Cambridge for delicious and creamy ice cream. The ice cream is made from scratch daily and with local ingredients.

In addition to “regular” delicious flavors like French Vanilla, Cake Batter, and Sweet Cream, you can enjoy more exotic options such as Belgian Chocolate, Lemon Pistachio, Bourbon Black Pepper, and Orange Chocolate Sorbet.

My recommendation? Be adventurous. You’ll find out why later, when you discover a new favorite all your own.

Cambridge Desserts JP Licks

Photo by Rachel Patterson

J.P. Licks

1312 Massachusetts Avenue
Harvard Square 
(617) 492)-1001

It’s the only “chain” on our go-to Cambridge desserts list, but fear not: J.P. Licks is as local Cambridge as you can get. The ice cream shop was nicknamed “J.P.” for its original location in Jamaica Plain, a suburb of BostonIn the past few years it has grown and expanded to many Massachusetts locations, like this one in Harvard Square.

I love J.P. Licks because of their waffle cones. Ice cream and waffle cones are just the bee’s knees, if you ask me, and at J.P. Licks, you can get waffle cones dipped in chocolate and with other assorted toppings.

In addition to ice cream, you can also get a smoothie or frappe for a bit of a lighter snack. I’d go with the frappe. It’s pure deliciousness!

Waffles in Cambridge

Okay, okay, you got me: I’m a sucker for waffles (that’s why I love J. P. Licks’s waffle cones). But if you want a waffle, you deserve a waffle. And that leads me to recommend…

Cambridge Desserts Zinneken's

Photo courtesy of Zinneken’s


1154 Massachusetts 2A
Harvard Square
(617) 876-0836

Straight outta Belgium, Zinneken’s brings authentic European waffles to Harvard Square.

You’ll never be at a loss for topping to choose from, not when Zinneken’s has special favorites like berry, chocolate, and sprinkles, to name a few.

My personal favorite topping at Zinneken’s is to get Nutella (chocolate hazlenut spread) drizzled onto a Banana Nut Waffle. It’s got the best of fruit (banana) with the best of a crunch (nut) and of course, chocolatey gooey goodness that only Nutella can provide.

Oh, yeah. And did I mention the waffles are delicious?

About Cambridge Desserts

As you can tell, Cambridge has a variety of sweet dessert places to choose from. If you want to be on all-star status, you’ll try them all, and then get back to me on how hyped up on sugar you feel.

Happy tasting, Cambridge!

– Erinn Pascal