Plan Your Outdoor Wedding in Cambridge, MA!

Outdoor Wedding Cambridge

Photo by Lexi Blue

When deciding on an ideal wedding venue, the question that often comes to mind is: indoor or outdoor wedding?

Those interested in an outdoor wedding will want to take advantage of the gorgeous natural surroundings, the wide range of theme opportunities, and the ability to weave beautiful plants and flowers into your décor. Plus, think of how beautiful your wedding photos will look in such natural settings!

It can be nerve-wracking to bring your wedding outside to the elements, but fear not! Here are some tips for how you can successfully pull off an outdoor wedding in Cambridge!

Choose a Venue with Indoor Spaces

Many hotels in the Cambridge area, like the Le Méridien Cambridge-MIT, offer both indoor and outdoor spaces so you can have a back-up in case of bad weather.

Cambridge restaurants such as Restaurant Dante also offer both types of venues to ensure that your wedding will be in a beautiful space. This sort of preparation does not meant that you will necessarily end up indoors, but that you won’t have to spend the months leading up to the wedding worried about rain, storms, or even snow (it is New England, after all).

Cambridge Outdoor tent weddings

Photo courtesy of John Hope Photography

Consider a Tent Wedding

If you are planning to host your wedding in a destination location, like a beach, vineyard, or even the natural surroundings of the forest, a tent wedding may provide the solution to any issues that nature may throw your way.

Tents provide shelter from the weather, a place to rig up lights and other electrical outlets for your DJ or band, and a place to serve food with some protection from nature’s tiny critters.

This is also a way to creatively decorate your space in the spirit of your theme (rustic, garden, and romantic themes work well in these settings).

Glass tents look particularly beautiful and provide a touching view to the outdoor space, but canopy tents allow you the chance to drape the space in beautiful fabrics and flowers.

Take Advantage of the Season

Themes and decorations come naturally when you embrace the setting and season of you wedding.

Incorporate fireflies into your summer evening wedding, sunflowers in your August celebrations, and barrels of apples and bushels of hay in your fall event.

The beauty of New England lies in the distinction between each season, and so whatever wedding month you choose will offer you plenty of trends to twist and shape to your own. It’s your wedding and your space, so have fun with it and get creative!

– Melanie McFadyen
Wedding Editor