LGBQT Weddings: All About Venues and Licenses

Wedding Cambridge

Photo by Amy Schuber

Since Massachusetts was the first state to successfully legalize same-sex marriage, it has become a popular destination for many gay and lesbian couples to marry. As any couple wants to marry in a loving and supportive environment, Cambridge offers same-sex couples plenty of resources to do just that. Assert your right to a joyous occasion free of judgment and discrimination, right here in Cambridge.

Interested in a religious ceremony? Here are some of the religious venues welcoming LGBQT weddings in Cambridge, listed by denomination:

American Baptist: Old Cambridge Baptist Church

Episcopal: Saint Peters Episcopal Church in Cambridge, St. James Episcopal Church

Interdenominational: Protestant Student Community MIT

Jewish: Temple Beth Shalom of Cambridge, Congregation Eitz Chayim, Congregation Kahal B’raira

Lutheran: University Lutheran Church

Mennonite: Mennonite Congregation of Boston

United Church of Christ: First Church in Cambridge

United Methodist Church: Cambridge Welcoming Ministries, Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church

Quaker: Cambridge Friends Meeting, Fresh Pond Friends Meeting

Many hotels, restaurants, and outdoor venues would also be happy to host your celebration! Check out our venues guide to find more information.

Legalize Your Love!

Cambridge MA Gay Wedding

Photo by Enrique Mendez

Even if you do not live in Massachusetts, you may still legally get married here. To do so, both of the intended must appear at a city or town hall to fill out an application form (a Notice of Intention of Marriage), which will require a three-day waiting period and will act as a legal name change document. The marriage license will be valid for 60 days after the completion of the application (57 days after you physically obtain the license), so get your license within 50 or so days of the wedding. Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Washington D.C., Maryland, Rhode Island, and New Mexico will recognize your marriage in their state as well. Your marriage will be respected as a civil union in New Jersey, Illinois, and Delaware, and seen as a domestic partnership in California, Washington, and Nevada. If you plan to travel with your partner beyond these LGBTQ-friendly states, experts recommend you hire an attorney to draw up paperwork to protect your family in case something unexpected happens in a state where your marriage is not recognized legally.

– Melanie McFadyen, Wedding Editor