Wedding Registry Tips and Tricks

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A wedding registry can be difficult to keep track of, but those who think them through carefully and utilize the online registries may find it easier than others.

Try these tips to stay on track and really take advantage of the opportunities your wedding registry can bring you.

  1. Set up your wedding registry as early as possible

    Try to set up your registry as soon as possible, preferably by one month before the engagement party or bridal shower, and at least three months before the wedding.
    This gives your guests some time to select and purchase their gift. Not sure yet what you want? Start the registry early and add to it as time goes on before the wedding.

  2. Choose your stores carefully 

    Wedding registries take time and effort to manage, so you might not want to add more than two to three of your favorite stores to the list. Pick department stores that you love, stores with online registries and national locations that all of your guests can easily access.
    Think of places that sell basic household items that you can really use. Try to actually go to the stores in person as you set up your registry, as shopping exclusively online might influence you to ask for gifts that, when seen in person, you might not actually want.

  3. Keep your guests in mind 

    Most of your guests will probably not be able to afford the same items. Choose stores that come from different price ranges, low and medium and high, in order to accommodate guests from different situations.
    Your guests also want to feel like they are contributing to your future life with their partner, making it even more important to ask for useful items that will help you in the future.
    You may not need it now, but those champagne glasses your aunt buys you will make for the perfect New Year’s toast, allowing your aunt to be a part of your holiday even if you cannot be together for the ball drop.

  4. Don’t ask for money –

    Though it is still considered distasteful to ask for money from your guests, new financial registries may allow you to receive financial assistance in a less awkward way.
    For example, Gifts of Stock allows couple to register for stocks. The Honeymoon is an online service where guests can assist in paying for the honeymoon, and some banks have programs allowing couples to establish an account in which guests can deposit money for a down payment on a house.
    Couples may also register with the I Do Foundations for their favorite charity, sending guests’ contributions to the charity of their choice. Please remember that some guests may feel awkward in donating and may prefer to buy a customary present, so you should still register with at least one store.

  5. Spread the word –

    Wedding invitation etiquette decrees that wedding invitations should not include the registry information, so your family members and wedding party should help spread the word to your guests.
    You may also tell people who ask you directly about your registry. If you choose to feature the information on your wedding website, try to share it in a way that guests have to click down to find out more information.

  6. Don’t give up too soon–

    While store policies vary, some stores will keep your registries active for at least a year after your wedding day, allowing you some extra time to manage and edit your wish list.
    Those who want to buy a gift for you within the year following your wedding will be able to access this list, so don’t feel discouraged if you do not receive everything on the list.
    Even if no late gift-givers arrive, ask your stores about discounts on the remaining items of the registry—this could give you something to buy with gift cards or cash you receive at the wedding.

‘These are just a few tips to help you when planning your wedding registry. Need some ideas on where to register? Check out our Wedding Gifts and Registries Guide, or CLICK HERE to go to Macy’s Wedding Shop and find out all about their registries. We wish you luck with your wedding registry!