Take a look inside the JFK Library!

JFK LibraryLocated in Columbia Point, the JFK Museum stands along the harbor as a testament to the life and times of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Inside the Museum, find artifacts of the famous political figure and learn about his presidency while exploring a wide library of history simultaneously.

The JFK Museum is located on a ten acre park in Columbia Point and contains myriad information on both the culture and heritage of United States History while preserving the memory of JFK. Its mission is to allow community access to historical archives while narrating the life history of JFK through three different theaters and twenty-five multimedia exhibits. Browse videos and photos of the president’s life chronologically in the beautiful space designed by the famous IM Pei.

JFK Library

Photo: David Baron

Whether conducting research or spending a day of leisure in the city, this museum is a great destination to learn, explore, and engage with one of the most fundamental times in US history. Take a nostalgic tour as narrated by one of the most influential American families. Dine in the café and overlook the water while experiencing a one-of-a-kind history through personal accounts, art exhibitions, and a library of information.

– Juliana LaVita, Contributing Writer

JFK Library

Photo: JFK by Edgar