Quilt Exhibit at MFA is Quintessential

Quilt in quilt exhibit

Alison Says…Do not miss this visually stimulating exhibit!

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts

With almost 60 quilts in the quilt exhibit featuring a variety of shapes and colors, the Quilt and Color exhibit from the Pilgrim/Roy collection is a must-see for art lovers of all ages. Signs and pamphlets explain the color theory and principals in a way which unexperienced art lovers can enjoy.  These are much more than your average quilts.

Each quilt is complimented with a plaque of information and the collectors thoughts and often a quote about the quilt.  The quilts feature intricate patterns, shapes, and color patterns.  The quilts are aesthetic and many feature intricate optical illusions.

quilt in quilt exhibit

The exhibit runs from April 6 to July 27.

There are options of getting audio headsets, but the exhibit is still mesmerizing without them.