Taste of Chocolate Festival

taste of chocolate festival

Join Harvard Square at the Taste of Chocolate Festival! Photo by Matt Chan

About The Taste of Chocolate Festival

Every year, usually sometime in January, the Harvard Square Business Association likes to throw together a little something to kick off the New Year. Thankfully, this little something happens to feature one of the best foods of all time: chocolate.

Since chocolate was created in 1519, it has evolved into one of the most tasty and popular food items probably around the world (which is completely understandable). So, to all the chocolate lovers out there in the world, it only makes sense to have a festival all about chocolate.

What to do at The Taste of Chocolate Festival

taste of chocolate festival

Yummy! Photo by Eric Hossinger

The Taste of Chocolate Festival sounds like a good time just by the name. But, there are also a number of fun things to do at the festival that all have chocolate as a theme; especially because this event is held in Harvard Square.

For one, there is the chocolate sampling day. Because of the rich and creamy yumminess that melts on your tongue, there is only one thing in this whole world that is better than chocolate.

And that is free chocolate.

It is always fun to go and do a little chocolate sampling presented by none other than Harvard Square’s finest purveyors. This scrumptious feasting of chocolate is definitely not to be missed (especially because it’s free).

Other parts of the Taste of Chocolate Festival include the participation of Harvard Squares’ restaurants.

Appetizers, entrees, desserts and any kind of food featured at these events will have some kind of chocolaty addition. Now, the sampling event is free, but if you would like to partake in one of the restaurant events, that will cost some money.

No matter how you look at it, the Taste of Chocolate Festival has a little something that can be offered to people of all ages.

Don’t be shy, I know and you know that the power of chocolate is a force not to be reckoned with. So do yourself a favor; instead of just thinking about that tantalizing piece of chocolate, go and grab a piece at the annual Taste of Chocolate Festival!

-Kali Routier, Content Editor