Oktoberfest and Honk Parade

Cambridge Oktoberfest Honk Parade

Oktoberfest and the Honk Parade. Photo by Tom Rungitom

About Oktoberfest and Honk Parade

Cambridge’s twist on a German tradition

Traveling to Cambridge in the fall and want to experience an eclectic range of cuisine and culture? Take a walk over to Harvard Square during Oktoberfest and soak in the community’s unique take on the German festival.

Honk Parade Cambridge Oktoberfest

German pastries! Photo by Carmen Eisbär

Food from all over!

With tasty bites from countries including China, Germany, Nepal, and Jamaica, your mouth will water for the savory array.

Although the chilly mid-October fall breeze in Cambridge sometimes blows through the festival, dessert lovers can partake in decadent pastries as well as local ice cream.

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Drinks, drinks, & more drinks

Oktoberfest Honk Parade Cambridge

Photo by Luca Lacovone

Of course if you’re looking to partake in the German tradition, several breweries and pubs around Cambridge offer beer and beer garden sites for those 21 and older. Other beverages and treats for younger visitors are also available.

Other activities (like dancing!)

Dancing, live bands on at least six different stages, and street performance also fill the square. Children can also try their hands at the arts and crafts lining the sidewalks, and anyone can browse the sale booths and vintage collections.

Be sure to look at the schedule of events each year because the organizers often bring in new performances and offer unique, family-friendly adventures at Cambridge’s Oktoberfest.

In 2010, the festival had hot-air balloon and Thomas the Train rides.

Honk Parade Cambridge

Belly dancers at the Honk Parade! Photo by M.G. Stanton

About Honk Parade

At the start of Oktoberfest, visitors can watch the annual Honk Parade that travels from Davis Square in Somerville to Harvard Square.

Honk Parade Cambridge

Photo by Allison Mowrer

Activist bands and individuals alike “reclaim the streets for horns, bikes and feet” during this parade of brass bands, which mimick the styles from New Orleans, Romania, and Brazil.

Like a car honking in protest, they “honk” their horns to protest oppression and violence in the world.

The parade to Cambridge’s Oktoberfest is one event in a series of events that band members participate in during a weekend in October.

Somerville hosts the Honk! Festival site, and shares the parade with Harvard Square.

Honk! puts on a several events throughout the year, and also has host sites in Providence, R.I., New York, N.Y., Austin, Texas, and Seattle, Wash. For more information, visit honkfest.org.

Oktoberfest is hosted by the Harvard Square Business Association.

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