Cambridge River Festival

About Cambridge River Festival

Some arts, some culture, some dancing

Singing and dancing along the banks of the Charles River, the annual Cambridge River Festival brings locals and visitors out to celebrate the community arts, food, and culture. This free event jazzes up a day in Cambridge for an energized audience full of children, families, and appreciators of the arts.

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Cambridge River Festival

Photo courtesy of City of Cambridge

Artists and cultural curators dedicate this day each year at the Cambridge River Festival to sharing their passions and heritage with those who come out for the event.

Starting out the festivities, the participants travel in a processional leading from Harvard Square to the Charles River on Memorial Drive, where the celebrations await in a mile-long stretch of colorfully diverse displays.

What to do at the Cambridge River Festival

With world music, dance, visual art, and poetry, people can immerse themselves in the cultures that fill the neighborhood of Cambridge. Children (and adults, of course) also have the chance to make traditional New England crafts and participate in the live shows, giving them a true Cambridge experience.

Often more than 200 vendors line the Charles River bank, selling hand-made crafts, culturally-traditional food, and original artwork. Visitors looking to take back a unique item to remember their trip to Cambridge will certainly find a wide-array of options at the vendors’ sites.

Hosted by the Cambridge Arts Council (CAC), the event is free and open to the public. It takes place annually in June on a Saturday and on Memorial Drive in Cambridge.

The CAC is a non-profit group in Cambridge that supports the preservation of local tradition, arts, and culture through public art and community art programming.

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Watch a video performance at the festival

Cambridge River Festival Map & Directions

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