Boston Underground Film Festival

Boston Underground Film Festival

Photo by Zoe Arniotis

About Boston Underground Film Festival

“Most Effectively Offensive”

Intrigued by the bizarre? Have a desire to view the insane? Love the arts? Then you belong at one of the Boston Underground Film Festival’s (BUFF) shows in Cambridge, MA!

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An Annual March Event

Held annually in late March, the BUFF takes on controversial and wild short and feature-length films. The festival offers filmmakers and producers the chance to show their movies, which would otherwise remain protected from the eyes of a public audience.

The event achieved fame as the only film festival to offer a “Most Effectively Offensive” award. As such, leave the kids at home. Die-hard BUFF lovers celebrate films that break away from the conservative mold.

Boston Underground Film Festival

Photo courtesy of BUFF

At the end of the festival in Cambridge, the BUFF gives the winning film maker and team a trophy only appropriate for the bizarre-loving culture that treks to the event.

The Bacchus Bunny, which vibrates and has red demonic eyes, may not be the cash prize most film festivals offer. However, winners cherish the award that has become the mascot of BUFF.

History of the Boston Underground Film Festival

The Boston Underground Film Festival started in 1998 when founder David Kleiler decided to host an all-night movie marathon. Since then, the festival has moved venues several times throughout New England as it worked to gain an audience in the pop-culture driven world. Now, it has put down roots in Cambridge.

Past film festival winners include “Viva” by Anna Biller in 2007, “The French Guy” by Ann Marie Fleming in 2006 and “Dear Pillow” by Bryan Poyser in 2004.

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