Why “City.com” websites are so powerful!


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Cambridge. Our domain name is a natural brand name that’s been around for over 400 years!

Cambridge.com is a natural URL and many of our site visitors simply type Cambridge.com into their browser. Our visitors know Cambridge and a good portion of our traffic comes from these direct visitors.

This “type-in” traffic (to Cambridge.com) means that we can delivery visitors to our site – and your business – without having to be overly dependent on search engines. Search engine traffic remains important to us and we add new content every week in a comprehensive effort to improve our search engine results.

What makes .com websites so powerful?

When searchers see the Cambridge.com URL, they recognize the brand immediately and are more likely to click and visit our website.

We’re the Cambridge brand and your business has prospects visiting Cambridge.com right now! Cambridge.com / 617-264-2300