About Us

Doug TangerDoug Tanger, President

Doug Tanger is a long time Boston area resident and graduate of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. His media experience includes twenty years of sales and management in the broadcast industry. Doug is the former owner of WBOQ FM (WBACH) on Boston’s North Shore, WCLZ AM/FM in Portland, ME and Edwards Disaster Recovery Directory. Doug was also a General Partner and Vice President of Sales for radio station WQRS FM in Detroit.

Alicia About US

Alicia Lazzaro, Editor-in-Chief

Alicia Lazzaro is a graduate of Emerson College where she studied magazine journalism, publishing and marketing. Originally from Worcester, MA, she is drawn to the exciting city life of Boston and Cambridge. She loves everything Cambridge has to offer, from the scenery, the bustling nightlife and everything in between. She can be found going on adventures around the city with friends, at work or watching her latest obsession on Netflix.



Slocum Design Studio Cambridge

Development Team: Slocum Design Studio

Slocum Studio is a leading WordPress design and development agency located just outside of Boston, MA. The Slocum team focuses on building scalable WordPress websites for high traffic e-commerce, media properties and start-ups.