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Haddon Library

Photo courtesy of the haddon LibraryThe Haddon Library was founded in 1209 by anthropologist Alfred Haddon. It houses around 62,000 books, pamphlets and other reading…

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Lion’s Yard

Lions-Yard-Shopping-CentreThe Lion’s Yard may not have as many shops as the Grand Arcade or the Grafton, but it still has some of the city’s finest brands and products…

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Prince Charles

prince charlesPrince Charles was born at Buckingham Palace on 14 November 1948 and is the first born child to Princess Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg…

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Park and Ride Map

Park-and-RideDriving is one of the many transportation options in Cambridge. Refer to this Park and Ride Map for locations to park your car while in Cambridge…

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The George Inn

Situated a short drive away from the bustling town of Cambridge, the George Inn at Babraham is a charming stay in style and comfort. The cosy…

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Restaurant 22

On the opposite side of the River Cam from the Jesus Green is Restaurant 22, an elegant, Victorian style dining room. Restaurant 22 is an open secret of the…

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