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Homerton College

Homerton College first received its charter as a self-governing college at the University of Cambridge in 2010. The college reformed its…

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Jesus Green

Jesus-Lock OxfordianJesus Green–situated just north of Jesus College, where the park gets its name–was separated from Midsummer Common with the…

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Prince Charles

prince charlesPrince Charles was born at Buckingham Palace on 14 November 1948 and is the first born child to Princess Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg…

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Cycling Map

cycling mapCycling is a very popular mode of transportation in Cambridge, with one in four residents cycling every day. This cycling map will help you navigate…

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Royal Cambridge

Located right in the heart of Cambridge’s bustling town centre, The Royal Cambridge Hotel offers a beautiful place to stay in a desirable location…

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giraffeGiraffe is a two story café and restaurant located between the Lion Yard and the Christ’s Pieces green open for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

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