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Sedgwick Museum

sedgwick museum lehvaThe Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences is an institution dedicated to showcasing artifacts of the natural world and has an impression collection of…

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Market Square

market squareCambridge Market Square has been selling local produce since the Dark Ages, but it also sells clothes, music, films, and unique souvenirs!

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Duke of Cambridge

The title of Duke of Cambridge started in 1664 with James Stuart, son of the Duke of York. While the name does come from the city of Cambridge in the…

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Cycling Map

cycling mapCycling is a very popular mode of transportation in Cambridge, with one in four residents cycling every day. This cycling map will help you navigate…

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Royal Cambridge

Located right in the heart of Cambridge’s bustling town centre, The Royal Cambridge Hotel offers a beautiful place to stay in a desirable location…

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Loch Fyne

In the centre of Cambridge, across the street from the Fitzwilliam Museum, is the Loch Fyne Seafood Bar and Grill. Housed in a 500-year-old pub, Loch…

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